A beautiful Snow Day

Some folks laugh at me because I told them I love Blizzards. I love them in Denver and I love them in New York! There’s something awesome about such beautiful chaos that mother nature provides. Plus, they close the island Read more ›



I just wanted to say that I did remember that I have to sell my car back home! So that will cover a little more than half of my tuition for Barbri! The hubs made me realize that yesterday so Read more ›


Yoga = awesome

(this is how i felt yesterday) I am excited because I’ve been going to yoga more often. Last week when I went to Yogablends 1/2 I felt calm, relaxed and fulfilled with a great workout. The place is called Yogaworks Read more ›


Happy Holidays!

Well hello everyone! I apologize for the not writing sooner, but I took a technology break over my holiday break and disconnected from the web as much as I could. I hope your holidays were fantastic! We had the great Read more ›

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