Losing My First Client … Please sign my petition

This hit me hard this past week, but I must share this experience with all of you. This is the conversation I had with my 5 year-old sister.

This is my first client

Jackie: Jazmines, necesito que hables con mami para que me deje hacer los Halloweens! / I need you to talk to mami so she will let me participate in Halloweens.

Me: Pues, voy a tratar, haber que me dice. / Well, I’m going to try and we’ll see what she says.

I tried talking to my mother, and asked her nicely to let Jackie dress up for halloween.  She refused and said it was a devil’s holiday, or something like that, and I decided to tune her out. I told her that I loved dressing up as a kid for the candy and not in celebration of Satan. She still said no, plus Jackie’s school doesn’t celebrate it. What a bunch of baloney. I can just picture my poor little love muffiin looking super sad because she’s the only dork without a costume, surely such an injustice should not prevail in our society! I pleaded once again, and she still said no. Defeated, I figured I wouldn’t bring it up to Jackie and just leave it alone, like it never happened. Well… she did not forget. She’s like an elephant and never, ever forgets, or like a mafia mob wife… she’s scary…

Jackie: Jazmines, hablaste con mami de los Halloweens? / Did you talk to mami about the Halloweens?

Me:  Pues, si, hable con mami, y me dijo que no. / Well, yes I spoke with mami, and she said no. (as I stare at her in fear of her bursting into tears.)

Jackie: (pauses, and thinks for a while) Pues… que no eres abogada!! / Well… aren’t you an attorney!!?!

Me: (looking dumbfounded and depressed) Como sabes que hace una abogada?! / How do you know what an attorney does?!

Jackie: (now looking annoyed by the sheer stupidity of my question) Pues, los veo en la TV! Duh! / Well, I see them on TV! Duh!

I couldn’t stop laughing at my love muffin, but she hurt my self esteem by 2 points. Who gets fired and schooled by a 5 year old?! Damn her and her manipulative ways! I’m hoping that my mother will still let her just dress up for Halloween. At least just for the candy. Look mami, I dressed up for Halloween and I’m fine! Look at me now. :) So, in honor of my love muffin and theory of social change, I ask that you please comment and sign your name on the bottom of the blog in a comment so that I can show my mother that Halloween is not about satan or rapists, but about fun, imagination and tons of candy!

So sad... please help her have her Halloweens

What was your favorite Halloween costume? Mine was a gypsy (no racial) for 7th grade. :) Sign my petition!

14 thoughts on “Losing My First Client … Please sign my petition

  1. Liz Reyes on

    Please..Please let La Gata have her Halloweens!!!!!
    Si no, nos vamos a poner en huelga de hambre!!! Ok.. Maybe not….

  2. Hilda Chavez on

    Hola Hija,
    Me dio mucha risa de la forma que la mocosa piensa sobre ti! jjajajajaajaj. But no se todavia sobre lo de Hallowen!! no me gusta mucho la idea.

    I lov u!!!

  3. Yanira Lujan on

    Halloween, lo celebramos mas que todo para que los niños se diviertan sanamente, no todas las personas somos malas, Dios sabe lo que cada uno de nosotros tenemos en nuestros corazones y eso es lo que cuenta, asi que ojala mi tia deje que Jackie se disfrase para Halloween!

  4. Brenda on

    Crazy mujer, only you would post this. It made me smile and laugh so much.

  5. Miriam Bornstein on

    Dudo mucho que al diablo le interese andar enmedio de tanto alboroto. Es muy posible que sólo se presente dónde pueda haber espacio y dudo mucho que lo encuentre entre la imaginación, inocencia y alegría colectiva de los niños. Además, ¡el diablo jamás se atrevería a acercarse a Jackie porque ella es una angelita divina y encantadora!

    ¡¡¡¡Mi voto es afirmativo!!!!!

  6. Daniela on

    Please let La Jackie have her Halloweens!!! I’ll take her and keep her safe!

  7. Rebecca on

    I think Jackie should have her Halloweens! As a judia who is technically only supposed to dress up for Purim, Halloweens never did me wrong.

  8. Claudia on

    Querida Hilda,

    Seria un buen cumplimiento que sus dos hijas tengan la oportunidad de celebrar una ocasion que está destinado para darle a la familila un buen tiempo.

    Me encanta que su chiquita tenga la habilidad y sabiduria para entender a que de dedica su hermana la Jazmin. Espero le de la oprtunidad a Jacke de 1. darle la satisfaccion a Jazmin de ganar su primer caso 2. Dejarla celebrar con sus amigitos en la escuela.



  9. Anita on

    Halloween Halloween Halloween!!!!

    Appropriate costume,
    Checking the candy,
    Not letting her eat it all in one sitting,
    No scary movies…..
    and lots of fun and smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lirio y Martincito on

    Tia we love you and the Jackies! Le pedimos de todo corazon q la deje vestir y salir a pedir “trick or treat”..aunque sea un poquito nomas para que se devierta! Pleeeeeeeaaaaasseeeee!!!!! we love u! <3

  11. Carmen on

    I give my support for Jackie to have her Halloweens all kids such have a day to let their imagination run wild and have the opportunity to get yummy candy

    Carmen Martinez

  12. Erin L on

    I support Jackie having her Halloweens. My lil’ love muffin is going to be a ladybug. Ladybugs are good – they eat devil pests. Maybe she can been an angel or a ladybug.