We made it happen

La Jackie will be having her Halloweens! Thank you for the love and support. We did it. I forgot to mention that when we were discussing what (mellow) costume she should be, I advised her to not dress up like the devil or anything evil and to try and instead go for an Angel or a lady bug or something like that.  Not Jackie, she said she would be a pirate and then she professed her undying love for Captain Jack Sparrow and asked me if I thought he was handsome, to which I replied, “Claro!”

So this makes sense to me. She will be a little pirata. I especially like that we used a pirate to teach her the sound of the letter “R.” I said, what sound does a pirate make, and she’d think about it and then say “ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!” I should really teach kindergarten, because my brilliance is at their level.

La Pirate Jackie!

With that said, what are you going to dress up as for Halloween? Happy Monday! Rest assured knowing that we made a difference in this child’s life. Someday, when she is older and the CEO of google, she will thank me.



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