Surprise! I am giving away a prize! #nando25

I have some amazing news to share with all of you! As you all know, I recently drank the Kool-aid from the Landmark Forum, and it tasted delicious. One of my commitments was to be more “social” on the web so that I could push myself as a social media strategist, but also to live a healthy and active lifestyle that allows me to love myself. Healthy can mean a lot of things and it does not mean that I am dieting or becoming a vegetarian, or anything psychotic like that. I just want to take good care of myself and I have created that commitment to me. I’ve already eaten less donuts in the past two months! I’ve also created the possibility of supporting you in whatever journey you are currently on. I love helping others and I  love supporting people in their courageous endeavors! Whether it’s people like my good buddy Linda , teaching in Cambodia, Daniela teaching sex education and being courageous in the face of adversity, Claudia, creating the possibility of college for kids, Jimmie with his 30 x 30 list, Liz in her new role, or Armando in his dream job. I am here to support and to love.

On April 1st, I’ll be participating in a 25 Day blogger challenge, with the fabulous dating, sex & relationship blogger Nando Rodriguez of “25 Days to a Better YOU!” will inspire you to improve your life!  Personal improvement comes in various flavors: relationships, loosing weight, better communication, parenting, job, social, etc and as a participant, you will have the opportunity to discuss your daily challenge thoughts and journey on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The conversation will keep going for 25 consecutive days. (We are not going to leave you out in the dark, Nando will be around with a flashlight shining a light on you and holding your hand “virtually”.

Each day in April there will be a new blog post (either article, video, podcast, interview) that will inspire you to create a better version of yourself! I will be featured on 2 of Nando’s videos!  The focus is not to break you down, but to help create breakthroughs in your life. We can all use a little guidance in our lives and Nando’s “25 Days to a Better YOU!” is a great place to start.

I will be giving away TWO #Nando25 starter kits (U.S. Residents ONLY)  to help kick start your journey. But anyone can participate in by visiting his blog ( and by following and adding to the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag  #Nando25.

To enter + win your own starter kit, post a comment on my Facebook/Blog page and let me why you want to participate in the 25 day challenge and what you are hoping to improve. Two random people will be chosen and mailed a fabulous starter kit to prep you for April 1st!

We are so excited and we you’re excited to transform your life with positivity, love and  great energy! So, get to posting, because I only have TWO kits to give away and I really want you to have one! Babam!

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