Here are some fun videos I made with Nando … Don’t laugh too hard

As you know, I’m a part of the bloggers who are doing the #Nando25 challenge. I haven’t’ been keeping up online but I have been keeping up with my own little journal.  I hope you have been able to follow along.  We will be having a live chat again this week and you can register to win prizes with Nando and to ask him your questions about the challenge or about life in general. He’s good at answering those questions.

I was fortunate to do two videos with Nando on topics that I find to be of particular importance to my life. The first video is all about taking UNREASONABLE ACTIONS in your life to make all your dreams come true and to meet your goals.  This topic is near and dear to my heart because it has helped me get out of a few ruts and I tend to take unreasonable actions to meet my goals.  Hell, our entire move to NYC was a HUGE unreasonable action and it has paid off. Here is my first video with Nando.  Don’t mind that I look emotionally constipated, I was super nervous and hot. Enjoy.(Disclaimer: if you pause it at certain moments- I look like a gopher!)

The second video is all about dealing with what you are resisting in your life.  The idea is that what you resist persists in your life until you address it.  This is especially true in relationships.  If you don’t address the things that are affecting you with your loved ones, then the problems will continue to persist in your life.  You will notice that life is going to give you the same challenges over and over and over until you learn how to deal with them.  So, take that unreasonable action, deal with whatever you are resisting in your life and get it over with already. :)

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