Best Day Of Your Life…

I can’t believe I haven’t written anything in almost one month. It’s been a hot and crazy month, but an excellent month. Looking back at my journey it’s been fantastic.  I was thinking about how scared I was not just about being a law student then a law grad, then moving to a completely new city and starting over.  I was brave, but scared and I am so thankful for my journey.  I’ve lost friends and made friends but I’d like to believe that those relationships are never really lost, they’re just a work in progress based on different terms. Perhaps I’m a bad friend in their eyes and for that I apologize, I’m working on it because my friendships and my relationships still mean  a lot to me. What I don’t care for is people talking badly about me without talking to me about it first. It’s below you and petty and i hope you can find the courage to talk to me about how I have upset you.

I’m in a really great place in my life right now, professionally and personally. Yes, I need to workout, yes I need to floss, but I love my life and I am a work in progress.  I love my new job and the direction that my career is heading.  Dreams come true and I am so determined and focused that you might as well call me Iron (Wo)Man because once my target is locked there’s no stopping.

I saw this quote, not sure if it was on Pinterest or Facebook but it is so true. The day I decided I wasn’t just a lawyer, and that I could be and do whatever I wanted was the greatest day ever. My life began when I decided to not be scared and just move forward.  I had no one to blame and it was up to me to make things happen. Especially in a place like New York.

So, if you are at a moment in your life where you find yourself stuck or scared, don’t panic. Figure out where you want to be and just do it. No matter how unreasonable or how weird it might sound. All you need is 30 seconds of courage. Just declare it and make it happen.

We don’t have all the answers but at the same time, we can’t spend our life asking, “what if…” and they saying, “Oh but if I do that, then this will happen…” You don’t know what will happen until you try, so why allow yourself to quit before you even started. There is no dress rehearsal on this journey, this is it. So just do whatever you want. Be whatever you want to be and move in that direction.  The universe truly will transpire to make it happen for you. Trust your struggle and make it happen.


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