Jackie’s Surprise

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks… eh… summer. I’m sad to report that I’ve only been to the beach once this summer. That’s odd considering i went to the beach more when I was studying for the bar last summer.

I was home for my dad’s birthday weekend and then flew back to NYC and had my cousin’s family in town last week, my in-laws, and then my mom this past week.  On top of that, my sister in law just moved to NYC to attend Columbia Law this fall. I tried to dissuade her from going to law school but she wouldn’t listen to me.

I’m exhausted but I feel so grateful for my amazing family. From Denver to Dallas, my family is incredible and I love them all.

I wanted to show my little sister and my mom everything that New York had to offer, but I forgot that their feet would hurt and that Jackie, AKA my monkey, would be tired and sleepy from all the walking, people, noises and just madness of it all. But she held up and she was a trooper. She walked hard and loved it. On Saturday we spent the day walking around NYC and the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. We ended the night at Da Nico’s for a delicious and fun Italian birthday dinner in Little Italy.  This picture is the story of what unfolded for my monkey.

Jackie’s Surprise

We sat outside on the street, cafe style and gave a toast in her honor.  As the waiter came over to take our order, she leaned over and asked my mom if she could give the waiter the menu. My mom obliged, and Jackie made twinkle eyes at the waiter because he was “cute.”  She gushed at how cute the waiter was and began to giggle every time he walked by.

When the food arrived, we explained her giggles and told him that she thought he was handsome and cute. He blushed and ran back inside, and Jackie exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, I am so embarrassed!” We had a delicious meal and at the end of the meal, she went inside to go to the bathroom with my mom. When the waiter came back out, we asked him if he could bring out a special birthday treat for the little one because we were celebrating her big day! Of course, he agreed and went back inside.

Jackie and my mom got back to the table in time.  The waiter walked out with a candle and a slice of tiramisu. Her eyes lit up and she couldn’t understand how they knew it was her birthday! After we sang to her, she blew out her candle and had a bewildered look on her face. She kept asking, “but how did they know it was my birthday?” We played along with it and told  her we didn’t know either.  She said, “he must have heard us say it was my birthday, right?”

We finished our dessert and we prepared to pay for the tab. Jackie insisted that she give the bill fold to the waiter because she thought he was cute. We agreed and we called the waiter over. When he came he thanked Jackie, leaned over, then kissed her on the cheek! She went into complete shock, and I mean shock!  We broke out laughing because she was so surprised and blushing!

She then put her head down on the table, and tried to hide under her little arms. She didn’t know what to do. Then she just threw herself on my mom. She said, “Oh. my. gosh. MOOOOOOOOOM!” She gushed on and screamed in excitement at what had just happened to her! She kept trying to explain what she was feeling, but she just giggled and screamed at the same time and tried to hide.  The waiter would walk by and she would throw herself into my mom’s arms and squeal.

She then said, “Mom, we have to get out of here! I am so embarrassed! We have to go!”

We laughed all the way to the train stop because her response was so genuine and innocent, yet so excited! She was walking on the clouds, all the way home and was jumping and skipping through the streets!  We finished the night with the hubs walking us through a rat infested park in Chinatown.  He made us all squeal, but my mom and Jackie loved it.

It was a beautiful night, one that I won’t forget and I doubt that my monkey ever will. We joked that her first kiss was in New York City by a real Italian. It was a magical night and I loved it.

Now they are on their way home and I already miss them. I miss my family but I was so happy to show them this amazing city and I was glad I got to see my monkey’s first kiss.


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