2013. Here. We. Go.

2013. Wow. To say that this year flew by would be a complete understatement. The world definitely did not end, the fiscal cliff was avoided, Snookie had a baby, and we saw the re-election of Obama.

What a year, what a world. This was a difficult but great year for me and I am very grateful for everything I had to go through. I retook and failed the bar exam but landed on my feet, brushed it off and moved forward thanks to my friends and with the help of my homie Nando from Nandoism.com. I made new friends, landed my dream job, started a new media leadership academy and voted for the first time in my life.

I traveled, oh YES, the travel was delightful.  I went to Spain and Puerto Rico with my loved ones and my loved ones also came and visited me in New York for the first time.

I also managed to tear the ligaments on my ankle in an adventure race that was truly an obstacle in and of itself, but it was fun. In hindsight, I probably should not have continued the race once my ankle swelled up to the size of a baseball and turned black and blue, but I was SO excited to be in an adventure race with my hubs.

It’s been a year of weddings, engagements, deaths, and babies for my dear friends. Every one of them has weathered the year beautifully and brilliantly and I wish them more success and love in 2013. Many of them are beginning new adventures and I think they’re going to have a blast.

All in all, 2012 was what I needed. I found myself, fell in love with my life and also learned to live with failure. That was a big accomplishment for me.  I don’t know what 2013 has in store for me, but I know where I’m trying to go and what I’m going to be.  I also know that I’ll get back to my blogging roots a bit more. (Hopefully you’re excited about that too!) My intentions have been set and I am ready to roll.

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