No ma’am I don’t shoot people… only zombies. Dead ones.

I have a morning ritual. I get up. Get dressed, pull myself together as best as I can, then I run out the door, scarf trailing behind as I run to catch my train, because I’m usually running late.

Then I gather myself, sit down, and pull out my phone and turn on my Yo-Yo Ma playlist and open up Dead Trigger.  Most people have Angry Birds or something like that, but I have Dead Trigger.  A zombie killing game. It’s my favorite game and I’m actually quite good at it. I’m a level 7 Liutenant. It’s serious.

Yesterday morning was like any other morning. Ran through my routine and sat there playing my game. Most of the time, no one pays attention to me and I no longer jump when a zombie attacks me from behind (because I am hardcore).  As I was about to clear a level, a cute little old lady sitting next to me taps me on the shoulder. I paused my game and looked over at her  and she said, “What is a pretty girl like you doing killing people with those guns?” I smiled and informed her that I was not killing people, but zombies. “They’re already dead! See, they’re just zombies” I pointed out the image of the sick faced, blood drinking, skin munching zombie that was about to attack me before the pause. She stopped and asked “But why are you playing such a violent game?” I told her it was just what I did in my free time and that it relaxed me and I said, “Plus I kill them while listening to Yo-yo Ma. It’s my favorite thing to do!”  She looked at me with her sweet little eyes and said “huh…” then she looked away as looked back at me and said “Well, at least you do it gracefully!” I smiled and got off the train at my transfer stop. I’d like to imagine that she doesn’t think I’m crazy, but instead appreciates the value and effort that I put into killing zombies.  I like my game and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with.  Hopefully she doesn’t either. Just for fun- this is my favorite song to kill them with. :)

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