A Hi-Tech Conversation with My Mami

My mother is amazing and she makes me giggle all the time. This year for mother’s day, I considered buying her a Kindle Fire tablet.  Actually, let me rephrase that, I considered buying Jackie a Kindle Fire table under the disguise of it being for my mother. I know Jackie would steal it and never give it back.  Next week my mother and Jackie leave for Mexico to spend some time with our family in Queretaro (Keh-reh-tah-ro). She told me she was going to buy Jackie a tablet so she could watch movies on the long flight. I insisted to help her buy a table and we found a nice Android NextBook tablet.

My original hesitation in buying my mother a tablet is because she is technologically impaired. Sorry Mami, but it’s true. I figured if I wasn’t around to help her set it up, then it would just sit in its box in the closet. But I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt so I supported her in her quest.

Well, she bought it then called me and this is pretty much the conversation we had:

Mami: I bought the tablet. Now how do I set it up to buy movies and games for Jackie?

Me: Well, you need wifi and set up your account on the tablet.

Mami: Que es wifi? (What is wifi?)

Me: It’s the internet mami. Don’t you have wifi at home?

Mami: No! Who do I call to get “the wifi?” My boss has wifi! Can I just use his account to login?

Me: No mami, unless you’re in his house using his wifi. Go to Mcdonalds or Starbucks- they have free wifi.

Mami: Do I ask them for their wifi? Why can’t I use my boss’s account? I know he’d let me use it!

Me: Ok- then go to his house and use his wifi. You need it to download games and movies.

Mami: Mmmmhh pues. I get wifi at the Chinese spot but then it says I need a password. What’s the password?

Me: I don’t know, you have to ask the restaurant. Did you watch the tutorial when you turned on the tablet?

Mami: What tutorial?

Me: Is the tablet on already?

Mami: Yes.

Me: And you didn’t watch the 1 minute tutorial on how to set it up.

Mami: No. Maybe Jackie did.

Me: (SMH)- Ok Mami- wait until Laura comes home. Play with it and try to set it up and let Lauris set it up for you. She knows how.

Mami: ok.


I forget that my mother hasn’t had internet at home in a long time because she uses her phone to communicate. But the funniest part to me was the way she referred to wifi as a mystical thing. Silly mom. I hope for the sake of Jackie’s enjoyment, she figures out how to use her tablet soon.


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