2013 MillerCoors Lideres Nominee + You = Amazeball Day for my students!

Hi folks!!

Here we are, almost the end of 2013! Holy canoli, can you believe that we’re already closing out October?

It’s been a busy fall from getting arrested to now, but it’s been awesome! I’m going to write about the arrest and the experience but first I need your help.

ChavezFBCoverI’m proud to announce that I’ve been nominated as a 2013 MillerCoors Leader and I’m “thisclose” to winning $25,000 for our youth leadership and education programs at LatinoJustice PRLDEF. LatinoJustice is the organization that is near and dear to my heart because it’s where I work and because we protect the civil rights of Latinos across the country.

“For the past six years, MillerCoors Líderes has supported and honored leaders within the Hispanic community for their achievements, vision and commitment. Their mission is simple: to foster leadership at all levels within the Hispanic community and honor those who have already established themselves as stand-out leaders.”

Now, please understand that I am truly honored and humbled to be nominated, and that running a campaign for yourself feels creepy, but I’m asking for your support. My youth leaders in my program are some of the most incredibly people I’ve ever met. They are constantly inspiring me and pushing themselves to create possibilities and to become advocates in their communities! They are the reason I want to win, to prove to them how incredible their work has been this past year and that it hasn’t gone unnoticed. This isn’t about me, it’s about these crazy kids who want to change the world who are lone nuts like me!

Make this a little easier for me so that I don’t have to stalk you on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what you can do.

  1. VOTE!! Visit www.millercoorslideres.com and vote for me. YOU CAN VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT, DAILY JazMillerCoors2until 10/30.
  2. SHARE: Keep sharing on Facebook via the MillerCoors Lideres page or through any of my posts. SHARE this graphic on Facebook and ask your network to vote. ——–>
  3. TWEET:  If you’re a Tuitero/Tweeter, then you can Tweet your support by tweeting: “My vote is for @JazminChavez @LatinoJustice for @MillerCoors #MillerCoorsLideres challenge http://bit.ly/a7hujg!
  4. COMMENT: Feel free to leave a comment on the MillerCoors Lideres website or Facebook page about who has your vote.
  5. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE & keep sharing.

LatinoJustice has had a nominee the past 4 years, but we’ve yet to win and THIS year I want to bring it home. It also doesn’t help that I was informed that we were losing last week which broke my heart.

Now you know that I’m no longer in jail and why you keep seeing these images and posts all over.

It literally takes less than seconds to vote and I’d absolutely, truly appreciate your support through your votes and by sharing this campaign. Now, for those who want to know why I refer to myself and my students as lone nuts, watch this video, and learn what my leadership style is and why we embrace being the crazy ones.

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