Please Help A Community in Need

Tonight I witnessed a community in fear and heart ache as 200 Latino workers were laid off, threatened with deportation or the deportation of their loved ones, simply because they are vacation time or back pay. The threat to them was “We are watching you and will make you disappear.” Families are now scrambling in upstate New York to find work, find housing and support to survive the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow, we will be buying groceries for Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc.​ to stock up a community pantry for them to receive food and assistance and we’re looking for help for the Latinos in this small town in Upstate New York.

The company is Ideal Snacks and they are physically threatening to hurt the community. We’re seeking donations to help us buy more food- please, I beg you- to consider donating $5 this weekend so we can buy them a little more food. Your contribution will go a long way as we figure out the next steps for the community and try to find assistance to the 200 families impacted in Liberty, New York.
Donate to the Liberty, New York Food Pantry for Latino families impacted by Ideal Snack.


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