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The company is Ideal Snacks and they are physically threatening to hurt the community. We’re seeking donations to help us buy more food- please, I beg you- to consider donating $5 this weekend so we can buy them a little more food. Your contribution will go a long way as we figure out the next steps for the community and try to find assistance to the 200 families impacted in Liberty, New York.
Donate to the Liberty, New York Food Pantry for Latino families impacted by Ideal Snack.


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2014 is here… and going http://www.diapordia.com/2014/02/2014-is-here-and-going/ http://www.diapordia.com/2014/02/2014-is-here-and-going/#comments Wed, 12 Feb 2014 05:18:11 +0000 http://www.diapordia.com/?p=1479 Read more ›]]> Sweet Baby Jesus.

2014 has come in with a  BANG! I haven’t really had a chance to breathe since January 1 and I still find myself looking for air.

It’s been one of those months, weeks where this city is just grinding you to your bones. The days are long, the winter is ridiculously cold (not as bad as Slovenia I guess) and work is hard.

I know now that I’m in a state of transition, but it’s becoming harder and harder to get through these days. Some days, I want to stay in bed, not because I am depressed but because I think I am emotionally and physically exhausted. From what? I have no idea. I know I can’t complain, work is good, home life is good and all is technically well, but I’m “transitioning” and things are coming to me that I wasn’t prepared for and now I’m being tested to my core.

I have some interesting battles ahead and I hope to report back triumphantly or at least with lessons learned.

I’m hoping everyone is off to a healthy 2014 and wish you all a magnificent year. I’ll be writing a lot more because I miss this.

I leave you with this quote from Alice Walker which basically describes this very moment in my life.

“Some periods of our growth are so confusing that we don’t even recognize that growth is happening.
We may feel hostile or angry or weepy and hysterical, or we may feel depressed.
It would never occur to us, unless we stumbled on a book or a person who explained to us,
that we were in fact in the process of change,
of actually becoming larger, spiritually, than we were before.
Whenever we grow, we tend to feel it,
as a young seed must feel the weight and inertia of the earth
as it seeks to break out of its shell on its way to becoming a plant.
Often the feeling is anything but pleasant. 
But what is most unpleasant is the not knowing what is happening.
Those long periods when something inside ourselves seems to be waiting,
holding its breath, unsure about what the next step should be,
eventually become the periods we wait for,
for it is in those periods that we realize that we are being prepared
for the next phase of our life and that, in all probability,
a new level of the personality is about to be revealed.”
 -Alice Walker


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2013 MillerCoors Lideres Nominee + You = Amazeball Day for my students! http://www.diapordia.com/2013/10/2013-millercoors-lideres-nominee-you-amazeball-day-for-my-students/ http://www.diapordia.com/2013/10/2013-millercoors-lideres-nominee-you-amazeball-day-for-my-students/#comments Mon, 21 Oct 2013 00:47:16 +0000 http://www.diapordia.com/?p=1474 Read more ›]]> Hi folks!!

Here we are, almost the end of 2013! Holy canoli, can you believe that we’re already closing out October?

It’s been a busy fall from getting arrested to now, but it’s been awesome! I’m going to write about the arrest and the experience but first I need your help.

ChavezFBCoverI’m proud to announce that I’ve been nominated as a 2013 MillerCoors Leader and I’m “thisclose” to winning $25,000 for our youth leadership and education programs at LatinoJustice PRLDEF. LatinoJustice is the organization that is near and dear to my heart because it’s where I work and because we protect the civil rights of Latinos across the country.

“For the past six years, MillerCoors Líderes has supported and honored leaders within the Hispanic community for their achievements, vision and commitment. Their mission is simple: to foster leadership at all levels within the Hispanic community and honor those who have already established themselves as stand-out leaders.”

Now, please understand that I am truly honored and humbled to be nominated, and that running a campaign for yourself feels creepy, but I’m asking for your support. My youth leaders in my program are some of the most incredibly people I’ve ever met. They are constantly inspiring me and pushing themselves to create possibilities and to become advocates in their communities! They are the reason I want to win, to prove to them how incredible their work has been this past year and that it hasn’t gone unnoticed. This isn’t about me, it’s about these crazy kids who want to change the world who are lone nuts like me!

Make this a little easier for me so that I don’t have to stalk you on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what you can do.

  1. VOTE!! Visit www.millercoorslideres.com and vote for me. YOU CAN VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT, DAILY JazMillerCoors2until 10/30.
  2. SHARE: Keep sharing on Facebook via the MillerCoors Lideres page or through any of my posts. SHARE this graphic on Facebook and ask your network to vote. ——–>
  3. TWEET:  If you’re a Tuitero/Tweeter, then you can Tweet your support by tweeting: “My vote is for @JazminChavez @LatinoJustice for @MillerCoors #MillerCoorsLideres challenge http://bit.ly/a7hujg!
  4. COMMENT: Feel free to leave a comment on the MillerCoors Lideres website or Facebook page about who has your vote.
  5. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE & keep sharing.

LatinoJustice has had a nominee the past 4 years, but we’ve yet to win and THIS year I want to bring it home. It also doesn’t help that I was informed that we were losing last week which broke my heart.

Now you know that I’m no longer in jail and why you keep seeing these images and posts all over.

It literally takes less than seconds to vote and I’d absolutely, truly appreciate your support through your votes and by sharing this campaign. Now, for those who want to know why I refer to myself and my students as lone nuts, watch this video, and learn what my leadership style is and why we embrace being the crazy ones.

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I’m getting arrested today. Here’s why. http://www.diapordia.com/2013/09/im-getting-arrested-today-heres-why/ http://www.diapordia.com/2013/09/im-getting-arrested-today-heres-why/#comments Thu, 12 Sep 2013 14:15:51 +0000 http://www.diapordia.com/?p=1470 Read more ›]]>

“There is really no such thing as the ‘voiceless.’ There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.” ~ Arundhati Roy

Right now, as you read this, there are over 100 women leaders gathered in DC to participate in a Women’s Action for Fair immigration Reform with We Belong Together.  100 women from all walks of life have stepped up to stand together, make our voices heard and submit to arrest in order to demand that the House of Representatives take action to pass immigration reform that will be fair and inclusive for women, our families and our communities.

You can watch the action live at: www.americasvoiceonline.org/livestream

Truth be told I am scared, but excited. I could never participate in civil disobedience in the past because of my status. Back then, we were definitely undocumented and afraid. Hell, I was a permanent resident and afraid. I could never participate in civil disobedience because I knew it could impact me on my immigration application to become a US Citizen. You never know how an immigration officer is going to react when you tell him you’ve been arrested for protesting Columbus Day and ridiculously ancient and unjust immigration laws. I couldn’t chance it, so I always served as a legal observer. But I always knew I would and here I am today. Plus, the DREAMers inspired me from the moment they took the capitol in 2010 and the  incredible DREAM 9 who got arrested and detained and left in solitary confinement.

I am doing this today because I want to honor the women in my family who have all come to this country in search of a better life for our family. From my mother to my aunts, cousins and grandmother, they have demonstrated courage every day in their roles as mothers, wives/partners, workers and community leaders.

You can also follow along on Twitter with #WomenTogether #HouseUnited  and by following these amazing organizations @Re4mImmigration @WeBelong @AmericasVoices @LatinoJustice

I watched my mother and my aunts work 2-3 jobs just so we could have food on our table, sports/band uniforms and live a normal “American” life.  (Yes, I was in marching band and I rocked it. Shut up). Both of my parents taught me to work for my dreams and to never give up, but my mother was the original entrepreneur of our family and she knew how to hustle! From working her multiple jobs to her basement nail salon, she was an impressive businesswoman.

I remember many late nights helping her study for her citizenship exam, nail technician exam and finally her insurance exam. What was always so impressive was that she would come home from work, then get to studying right away. She didn’t always know what some words meant, but it never discouraged her and she never gave up. Sometimes she would have to take these exams multiple times but it never phased her. Later on in life, she would remind me of those failures as I cried on the phone to her about not passing the bar exam. Each time, she would say, “It’s ok, remember how long it took me to pass my insurance exam? It happens, we keep trying. It’s ok to fail.”

But the failure that I felt was because I felt like I had let my family down, especially my parents.  I’ve watched my family work hard to move forward and it is with them in mind that I get arrested today.

I cannot imagine the pain of losing a loved one to deportation and having to have only one parent or sometimes NO parents around to sustain, support and love their children. Each day, families are torn being torn apart because of our archaic immigration policies and a system that refuses to honor executive orders to stop detaining and deporting low priority immigrants.

Women and children are the heart of the immigration debate. Three quarters of all immigrants to the United States are women and children.  20 million immigrants are women, and of these, as many as 5.6 million have been left out of a pathway to citizenship. Our family immigration system has been the primary way that women can get legal entry to the United States and yet currently 4.5 million people wait in the backlog to be reunited with their families. 200,000 parents have been forced to leave a child behind because of unfair deportations. At the workplace, at home and in the community, immigrant women suffer intolerable violence and abuse.

And yet, while immigrant women disproportionately bear the burden of this failed system, they contribute to our nation through their multiple roles by keeping our families together and our communities strong. Immigrant woman continue to contribute to society and show tremendous courage. Yet, this contributions and their courage are not being matched by our lawmakers in Washington DC.  The House of Representatives has yet to show courage of its own to act on the mandate to pass an inclusive and common sense immigration reform bill.

So, here I am, probably arrested by now and thinking about my 75 year-old abuelita roommate that just got arrested with me too. (She’s with Voces de la Frontera and I am rooming with her and her granddaughter. I love them!)  It takes courage to stand up for your families, your community and to unite our country.  I am here today to show how important it is that we have courage as a nation. I am standing up for the millions of immigrant women and families across the country who contribute every day to our society.  Through this action I am saying – the TIME IS NOW! I demand the House of Representatives have the courage to pass immigration reform that treats women fairly and keeps our families united.Take the Oath

Now, here’s where you can help and join. Join others across the country in affirming your commitment to immigration reform and women’s equality! Demand that House members show the same commitment by passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill that treats women fairly by taking and signing this oath.


P.S. Thank you to my Mami & Papi for not freaking out. I know the last thing you wanted me to do was get arrested in our nation’s capitol, but it’s your fault for making me believe I could do and be anything I wanted to be. Plus, you instilled in me a sense of justice and love for our community that this wasn’t even an option. If you are going to be mad, be mad at yourselves.

Thank you to my bad-ass hubs for his encouragement and support and for reminding me to have a bold and powerful experience and to please not run or resist arrest.  He also joked and said, “If they pepper spray you, pull out your tortillas and enjoy it!” Then he had a very somber look and reminded me that he was nervous for me but excited. I love you and this is also your fault because you support my crusade for justice in our community. So again, be mad at yourself or call my parents and be mad at each other.

Thank you to my in-laws for not freaking out either. This is also your fault because you told me about your 60s and 70s protest and it made me want to go protest and relive those glory days. So, be mad at yourself too. :)

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Little Reminders That Life is Good http://www.diapordia.com/2013/08/little-reminders-that-life-is-good/ http://www.diapordia.com/2013/08/little-reminders-that-life-is-good/#comments Fri, 16 Aug 2013 05:59:32 +0000 http://www.diapordia.com/?p=1466 Read more ›]]> Finish the day with a grateful heart too!

Finish the day with a grateful heart too!

I know I suck. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m not going to glorify “busy” because that’s not fair and I don’t like to do that. I’m sorry. Truly, madly, deeply sorry.

My little sister started 2nd grade today and she was psyched. I like to let her know that I’m thinking about her, even if I can’t physically be there to wish her a good academic year, I want her to know that I’m sending her good energy and hoping she has a phenomenal first day. She did.

I called to check in on her tonight and she told me E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G about her day. Down to what she wore, who was in her class, who her teacher is and what happened at recess. She was so excited to tell me everything and I was thrilled to hear it all. We talked about her hopes for this year and she told me she was going to be good. You see, she has a habit of wanting to talk and help everyone (gee I wonder where she gets that from) so she is constantly in trouble. But this year is going to be different. I know it will be.

I was just so happy that she wanted to tell me everything about her day. She also told me to call her back tomorrow so she could read me a book. I adore her and her beautiful energy.  It was a nice reminder that life is good because it’s a good day when a 7 year old wants to tell you about their day. It’s rad and I dig it. Plus, the hubs parents arrive tomorrow and beyond excited to see them!

Happy Friday folks! Hope you have a phenomenal weekend!

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A Hi-Tech Conversation with My Mami http://www.diapordia.com/2013/06/a-hi-tech-conversation-with-my-mami/ http://www.diapordia.com/2013/06/a-hi-tech-conversation-with-my-mami/#comments Sat, 29 Jun 2013 17:58:22 +0000 http://www.diapordia.com/?p=1463 Read more ›]]> My mother is amazing and she makes me giggle all the time. This year for mother’s day, I considered buying her a Kindle Fire tablet.  Actually, let me rephrase that, I considered buying Jackie a Kindle Fire table under the disguise of it being for my mother. I know Jackie would steal it and never give it back.  Next week my mother and Jackie leave for Mexico to spend some time with our family in Queretaro (Keh-reh-tah-ro). She told me she was going to buy Jackie a tablet so she could watch movies on the long flight. I insisted to help her buy a table and we found a nice Android NextBook tablet.

My original hesitation in buying my mother a tablet is because she is technologically impaired. Sorry Mami, but it’s true. I figured if I wasn’t around to help her set it up, then it would just sit in its box in the closet. But I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt so I supported her in her quest.

Well, she bought it then called me and this is pretty much the conversation we had:

Mami: I bought the tablet. Now how do I set it up to buy movies and games for Jackie?

Me: Well, you need wifi and set up your account on the tablet.

Mami: Que es wifi? (What is wifi?)

Me: It’s the internet mami. Don’t you have wifi at home?

Mami: No! Who do I call to get “the wifi?” My boss has wifi! Can I just use his account to login?

Me: No mami, unless you’re in his house using his wifi. Go to Mcdonalds or Starbucks- they have free wifi.

Mami: Do I ask them for their wifi? Why can’t I use my boss’s account? I know he’d let me use it!

Me: Ok- then go to his house and use his wifi. You need it to download games and movies.

Mami: Mmmmhh pues. I get wifi at the Chinese spot but then it says I need a password. What’s the password?

Me: I don’t know, you have to ask the restaurant. Did you watch the tutorial when you turned on the tablet?

Mami: What tutorial?

Me: Is the tablet on already?

Mami: Yes.

Me: And you didn’t watch the 1 minute tutorial on how to set it up.

Mami: No. Maybe Jackie did.

Me: (SMH)- Ok Mami- wait until Laura comes home. Play with it and try to set it up and let Lauris set it up for you. She knows how.

Mami: ok.


I forget that my mother hasn’t had internet at home in a long time because she uses her phone to communicate. But the funniest part to me was the way she referred to wifi as a mystical thing. Silly mom. I hope for the sake of Jackie’s enjoyment, she figures out how to use her tablet soon.


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Down to the Wire! Can I count on your vote? http://www.diapordia.com/2013/03/down-to-the-wire-can-i-count-on-your-vote/ http://www.diapordia.com/2013/03/down-to-the-wire-can-i-count-on-your-vote/#comments Thu, 21 Mar 2013 17:39:13 +0000 http://www.diapordia.com/?p=1456 Read more ›]]> Alright folks!

We are down to the final wire and the contest closes today at 11:59pm! I need all the help I can get and all hands on deck.

Here’s what I need you to help me with:

1. TEXT #2013LatinoStarNY JAZMIN CHAVEZ to 518-469-9161

2. TWEET ” My vote for @hispCoalitionNY #2013LatinoStarNY is for @jazminchavez”      <——- Just copy and paste that into your tweet! ta-daa!

3. CALL 518-469-9161 and leave a voicemail saying “Hi. My vote for Hispanic Coalition of New York Rising Star is Jazmin Chavez.” Then hang up and walk away like a boss, because that’s what you are.

4. Visit the Hispanic Coalition Facebook Page and leave this comment on their wall saying : “My Vote for 2013 Latino Rising Star is for Jazmin Chavez!”     <——– Just Copy and paste that into the comment box! Wa-laa!

5. VOTE on the Hispanic Coalition website for Jazmin Chavez with your email!

I promise, I’ll stop screaming at you today.  Pinky promise actually.


Thank you for the love and support! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!


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Do No Harm… But… http://www.diapordia.com/2013/02/do-no-harm-but/ http://www.diapordia.com/2013/02/do-no-harm-but/#comments Fri, 22 Feb 2013 04:27:34 +0000 http://www.diapordia.com/?p=1447 Read more ›]]> I had a great evening tonight at the MALDEF Latino State of the Union in New York City. Why New York? I don’t know, but either way, I was excited to attend and excited they were here in NYC. I worked at MALDEF in 2010 and I really enjoyed being a part of their team. Anyway- I digress… I ran into a former co-worker who is now an attorney somewhere else. We were talking about her position and how she was doing so far. I was glad to hear that she is loving her job, but she also brought up a really great point about Latinas in the legal profession workforce.


It was a reminder that Latinas, I think women in general, must have a dual persona at work. It’s like a Mrs. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde persona where you are nice and kind and giddy and fun, then there’s the part where you don’t take shit from anyone who is talking shit about you.  This also reminded me of the 1L at Columbia who informed that a female attorney at a law firm told this female 1L that she better be ready to use her good looks because they were going to come in handy when she applies to jobs. WHA? QUE? WHY?

Ridiculous, yes, but this is so true and it happens in every profession, not just the legal profession.  So, I told my coworker that she needed to “Do no harm, but take no shit!” She agreed and stated that she would use that as her mantra.  This is probably one of my favorite sayings because it reminds you to stay humble and kind, but to not be a pushover. Fight back. “No te dejes!” It’s something that I take with me when I walk into intimidating meetings or events and I believe it works well.


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Whoa. This. Just. Happened. 2013 Hispanic Coalition Rising Star http://www.diapordia.com/2013/02/whoa-this-just-happened-2013-hispanic-coalition-rising-star/ http://www.diapordia.com/2013/02/whoa-this-just-happened-2013-hispanic-coalition-rising-star/#comments Thu, 21 Feb 2013 06:27:28 +0000 http://www.diapordia.com/?p=1441 Read more ›]]> NY 40 under 40

2013 is turning out to be very interesting and the fun keeps rolling in. The hubs and I were both named some of New Yorks 40 under 40 Latino Rising Stars! To say I am humbled really doesn’t do justice to what I’m feeling.  To make the deal a little sweeter, I have been nominated as the “Rising Star of the Year” along with two other truly inspirational and lovely Gentlemen.

When we found out that the hubs had won, we were super excited, so much so that I cried a little. He’s an incredible person and I thought it was really sweet that he was finally being noticed for all the work that he does. Then, we found out I was nominated as well and we were both giddy and twitterpated at the same time! When I got the call for the “Rising Star” award, my first thought was “Damn! What if I’m competing against the hubs?!?! We’re going to have to separate!?” HA!

We’re both really competitive, so we’d probably kill each other, and my heart would be sad.  Thankfully and also unfortunately, he was not named one of the Rising Stars, so my heart was at ease, but I still thought he deserved it.

It’s a weird feeling to be nominated for this type of award because it’s a competition and I have to promote myself. Contrary to what you might think, I don’t like doing that. I don’t like promoting “myself’ but rather the organization(s) that I work for and the community work that we do for the community. It’s just weird, but I’m still excited.  I more excited to bring more recognition to LatinoJustice and the ridiculously awesome attorneys and projects that we have going on. Cast Your vote!

Now- because I’d like to win this competition, I need your help. Yes, this is the part where I beg you to vote for me. You don’t have to, and I will not be mad, I promise. Hell, you can lie and say you did and I’ll still feel be eternally grateful to you.

Here’s what I need you to do before March 21st at 12am.

  1. Visit the website & vote.
  2. Facebook: Visit https://www.facebook.com/HispCoalitionNY & “Like” the organization, “Like” the picture/post of me or post a message on their timeline stating “I support Jazmin Chavez as the 2013 NY Latino Rising Star.”
  3. TEXT #2013LatinoStarNY Jazmin to 518-469-9161
  4. TWEET “. @HispCoalitionNY #2013LatinoStarNY @JazminChavez”
  5. CALL 518-469-9161 & Leave a message with My Name- “I support Jazmin Chavez as the 2013 NY Latino Rising Star.”
  6. Share this “Action Plan” with your friends & family.
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No ma’am I don’t shoot people… only zombies. Dead ones. http://www.diapordia.com/2013/01/no-maam-i-dont-shoot-people-only-zombies-dead-ones/ http://www.diapordia.com/2013/01/no-maam-i-dont-shoot-people-only-zombies-dead-ones/#comments Tue, 15 Jan 2013 20:30:43 +0000 http://www.diapordia.com/?p=1435 Read more ›]]> I have a morning ritual. I get up. Get dressed, pull myself together as best as I can, then I run out the door, scarf trailing behind as I run to catch my train, because I’m usually running late.

Then I gather myself, sit down, and pull out my phone and turn on my Yo-Yo Ma playlist and open up Dead Trigger.  Most people have Angry Birds or something like that, but I have Dead Trigger.  A zombie killing game. It’s my favorite game and I’m actually quite good at it. I’m a level 7 Liutenant. It’s serious.

Yesterday morning was like any other morning. Ran through my routine and sat there playing my game. Most of the time, no one pays attention to me and I no longer jump when a zombie attacks me from behind (because I am hardcore).  As I was about to clear a level, a cute little old lady sitting next to me taps me on the shoulder. I paused my game and looked over at her  and she said, “What is a pretty girl like you doing killing people with those guns?” I smiled and informed her that I was not killing people, but zombies. “They’re already dead! See, they’re just zombies” I pointed out the image of the sick faced, blood drinking, skin munching zombie that was about to attack me before the pause. She stopped and asked “But why are you playing such a violent game?” I told her it was just what I did in my free time and that it relaxed me and I said, “Plus I kill them while listening to Yo-yo Ma. It’s my favorite thing to do!”  She looked at me with her sweet little eyes and said “huh…” then she looked away as looked back at me and said “Well, at least you do it gracefully!” I smiled and got off the train at my transfer stop. I’d like to imagine that she doesn’t think I’m crazy, but instead appreciates the value and effort that I put into killing zombies.  I like my game and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with.  Hopefully she doesn’t either. Just for fun- this is my favorite song to kill them with. :)

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